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This section contains the stories of individual Christians and how Jesus impacted their life. In some cases these are stories of how God has saved these people, in others how he has impacted their life after their salvation. This latter category also highlights an important truth; while we have focused on the eternal impact of salvation there is a very real impact to your life before death as well.

Our eternal focus is based on rather pragmatic principle; purely looking at quantity, our everlasting life after death dwarfs the 80 or so years we might have walking the earth now.

However, we don't want to minimize the impact and importance of this life either.

The following links bring you some of these stories.

Kirk Cameron's story: Best known as Mike Seaver from Growing Pains, Kirk explains his path to Christ.

Sonny Sandoval's story: The lead singer for POD talks about the circumstances surrounding his surrender to Jesus.

Lee Strobel's story: This former journalist turned apologist talks about his journey from atheism to faith in Christ.

Brian Head Welch's story: The former member of Korn describes the life change he's experienced in Jesus' hands.

Ted DiBiase's story: A brief profile of the man behind the Million Dollar Man from the WWF and his surrender to Jesus.

William Cowper's story: A brief biography of this renowned 18th century poet who met Jesus in an asylum.

Paul Washer's story: This itinerant preacher recounts how Jesus saved him.

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