Questions about the Bible

old Bible

In the Christian faith, the Bible is considered to be the authoritative source of truth. However, this raises many questions about the reliability and veracity of the text. Ultimately it comes down to: can we trust the Christian Bible?

The articles in this section attempt to address select facets of this question, however, at this time, the focus is on the New Testament portion of the Scriptures.

Is the New Testament text reliable? Can we be confident that the words we read today are the same as the ones originally written? This is what this article addresses.

Is the New Testament text true? After all, proving a text has been accurate transmitted does not prove it is true. This article examines some of the evidence for the veracity, or truthfulness, of the New Testament Scriptures.

How did they decide which books to include in the New Testament? This article by noted scholar F.F. Bruce examines the formation of the New Testament Canon.

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