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Okay, so Jesus died to pay the fine for sin; what should you do now? You must do two things; repent of your sin and trust in the saviour (repentance and faith).

Repentance and faith

Repentance is a bit of an old-fashioned word, not used too much any more. To repent towards God means to pray to God 1.) agreeing that you are guilty of breaking His law, that you should be sent to Hell, 2.) turning from your sin and, 3.) hating the sin, signified by genuine remorse. "The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent" (Acts 17:30 ESV)

Secondly, you must trust in the saviour , Jesus Christ. This is far more than to simply believe. The Bible states that the Devil and his angels (demons) believe and tremble; and we know they are not going to Heaven. You can believe in parachutes and then jump from a plane without one; to your death! Belief is not enough; you must trust your life to Jesus Christ. The Bible says to "... put on the Lord Jesus Christ..." (Romans 13:14 ESV) Turn from your sin, turn to Jesus Christ, trusting Him with your soul like you would trust your life to a parachute or to an elevator in a tall building.

For an example of this, see Psalm 51.

What should you do now? You must do two things; repent of your sin and trust in the saviour.

God's response

If you will repent of your sin and trust in Jesus Christ, God will attribute the righteousness of Jesus Christ to your account. On Judgement Day, you will be able to walk out of the courtroom free, because Jesus Christ paid your fine. Not only will your sin be forgiven (because your fine was paid by Jesus Christ) but you will also be given eternal life and a new nature within; a nature that loves God, loves righteousness and desires to please Him.

Do not jump without a parachute!

You do not know when death will take you from this life, into eternity; it could be at any time. 150,000 people will die today (and every day). Most of them are surprised; most of them did not know it was their day. Most likely, neither will you. What day will you die? Don't be caught too late; don't be caught dead, without Christ! Repent and trust now!

What do you think?

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